Data collection and renovation are important factors in reducing election disputes because an inaccurate Final Voters List (“FVL”) is considered as a structured and systematic error that triggers election disputes. In East Nusa Tenggara Province (“ENT”), there were 16 election disputes from 2015 to 2021 and 10 of them occurred because of the inaccuracy of the FVL which included the data of the deceased citizens, underage citizens, and even foreigners as voters. This research is important to do in order to find a solution to the inaccuracy of the FVL in ENT, which is caused by the ineffectiveness of the bureaucracy, the mix-up between politics and the process of FVL determination as part of public administration, the low level of education and political awareness of the population, and minimum access to the public facilities such as internet and electricity. This research was conducted by using Woodrow Wilson’s framework of public administration with a qualitative method. In the end, innovation needs to be done so the policy from the Central Government concerning FVL determination is possible to be implemented in ENT, which has different circumstances with big cities in Indonesia. The government is suggested to do two things as a solution to the problem of inaccurate FVL in ENT, namely amending regulations related to the regional elections to reduce cost overruns and distended institutions during the FVL determination process, and/or improve education and public facilities in ENT.


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